This page houses samples of work currently in progress.

Data of musical performance and some ways of doing things with it

Audio data extraction and visualization

Network diagrams for performances of Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera, 1961-2009

“Signore, ascolta!” –  1st Order Prefuse Force Directed layout

“Non piangere, Liù” – Variation on yFiles hierarchical layout, 1st – 3rd correlation orders

“In Questa Reggia” –  Edge-Weighted Spring Embedded layout, 1st and 2nd order correlations

Riddle scene – 1st order correlations to a performance and a point in the tradition based on betweenness centrality, edge-weighted spring embedded layout

“Nessun dorma” – Performance nodes as targets, 1st – 3rd order correlations

“Tu che di gel sei cinta” – Hierarchical view of 1st – 3rd order correlations

Tradition Visualizations based on TimeScapes

The colors reflect tempo relationships across a performance. Green is average, yellow and light blue are slightly faster and slower (respectively), orange and indigo are moderately faster than average (respectively), and red and violet are significantly faster and slower than average (respectively).

“Tu che di gel sei cinta” – tradition animated using powerpoint